The seriously awesome benefits of waking up earlier

Whipping your morning routine into shape by getting up earlier is a habit that can seriously transform your day, your energy levels and your happiness. 

A few years ago I was working in a demanding, life zapping corporate role. I felt like my days were an endless loop of eat / sleep / work. I finished every day exhausted without feeling I'd achieved anything beyond my endless 'to do list' at work.

I wanted more time to exercise and get 'the good stuff' into my day before I hit the office, so I began to wake up earlier to trial a new morning routine. It became a habit that stuck because the results seriously and awesomely transformed my day. 

Now, I start my day with focus and intention, get stuff done and even if the afternoon slides into a big ball of WTF, at least I won my morning. It's a great feeling. 

Not everyone is a morning person, I totally get it (I'm not dissing the night owls, we all have our different natural rhythms) but if you're thinking about giving waking up earlier a go, hopefully these benefits will inspire you to get started! 

This list is straight from my mini course Minimalist Mornings, a little guide I created to help you wake up earlier and rock an awesome morning routine. You can check out Minimalist Mornings here, it's free to join 🙂 

Benefits of waking up earlier

You've got more time get sh#t done 

Let's do the math on this. If you get up an extra hour earlier every day, that's an extra 15 days a year you have to do stuff. To exercise, work towards goals, spend time with family, spend time with yourself, read, study - whatever it is you 'don't have time' to do now!

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You have time to eat a good breakfast

Breakfast is a super important meal. Waking up early means you have time to prepare something healthy to eat for your first meal of the day, rather than rushing out the door on an empty stomach then smashing a greasy bacon and egg roll on the way to work. Trust me, I'm not hating on bacon and egg rolls, I love those things, but save them for a treat and prepare yourself a healthy breakfast. 

Get inspired by these healthy breaky ideas!

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Your mind is a happier place for the rest of the day

Developing habits of self discipline will transform your life. It takes discipline to wake up early, so why not embrace the opportunity to master this part of your life. Time management, discipline and organisation - the ingredients of a great early morning start - lead to self mastery. How you start your morning sets the tone for your day. If you’ve started well, you're happiness levels are going to be that bit higher for the remainder of the day.

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Tick exercise off your 'to do' list early

How good does it feel when you've knocked out your exercise session for the day?! That feeling doubles when you get it done in the morning, no matter how off course the rest of your day may go, you've nailed fitness. 

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Time to work on your goals

Got yourself some goals? Excellent. Early mornings are just the time to be working on them. Channel some of that precious, uninterrupted early morning time into the projects and goals that excite you most and lift your spirit. It's SO awesome to feel a sense of progress and accomplishment before you even arrive at work! 

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You have time to prepare a packed lunch

This one is a big bonus if you are battening down the hatches when it comes to your budget. A bit of extra time in the morning means you can prepare a healthy lunch and skip the cost of buying lunch from your local cafe. 

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A chance to enjoy the peace and quiet

In a world full of noise and people that never stop talking, peace and quiet is a gift. Even if you don't do anything at all, just absorbing the peaceful stillness of early mornings is good for your spirit. There is something special, intangible, in the atmosphere in the early hours of the morning, the time before the day really get's started. When most of the world is still waking up, it just feels so peaceful and serene. It's my favourite time of day. 

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Eliminate the manic morning rush

Waking up late, rushing to get ready, rushing to work. Yuck, I hate that feeling. Whether you make it to work on time or not, you've propelled yourself into the day in kind of a manic way, rather than easing into it. Setting up some intentional, invigorating morning rituals will help you feel ready to tackle anything rather than scrambling to make up lost time while you gulp down a latte. 

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Time for a quick tidy up

Ten extra minutes in the morning allows time to make the bed and give the kitchen bench a tidy up and wipe down. Coming home after a busy day to be greeted by at least one space clear and clutter free helps you feel in control and sets a nice tone for the evening. 

If you only do 1 thing in the morning to tidy up, let it be making your bed. It's a tiny habit that can literally transform your entire day.

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I don't know about you, but I think that's a cracking list of benefits for waking up early!

Are you are morning person or a night owl? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below 🙂



I'm Elesha! I'm minimalist lifestyle coach, decluttering ninja and expert coffee drinker. I'm here to help you rise up from the clutter. I help overwhelmed women get out from under the clutter by applying minimalist living principles to their homes and lives!

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