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Capsule wardrobe vs minimalist wardrobe – what’s the difference?
Minimalist wardrobes and capsule wardrobes. Sometimes they're referenced as the same thing, but each is a slightly different approach to[...]
3 natural, minimalist skincare recipes using stuff from your kitchen
Natural skincare is a winner. You cut the chemicals and slash the cost of your skincare budget. Making your own[...]
Layers of the Minimalist Onion
You guessed it folks. I’m giving minimalism a work over with the good old onion/ layers analogy.Minimalism as a lifestyle[...]
4 Reasons You Should Stop Shopping For 30 Days
I recently shared 4 Reasons You Should Stop Shopping For 30 Days with LadyQs blog.LadyQs is a lifestyle blog covering[...]
4 ways to clear financial clutter
Ready to clear your financial clutter?  If you've hung out with me here or on social media for long enough,[...]
The seriously awesome benefits of waking up earlier
Whipping your morning routine into shape by getting up earlier is a habit that can seriously transform your day, your[...]
50 mini decluttering jobs
Get your decluttering party started with one of these mini jobs! ​No excuses not to begin with this list, it's[...]
5 super helpful websites for frugal living
Minimalism and frugality don’t necessarily go hand in hand, but they aren’t exactly strange bedfellows either. Similar to minimalism, people’s[...]
I’ve decluttered, now what? Next steps for minimalism
Download the Resources for Minimalists Guide here. I’ve included some of my fav resources from around the interweb on minimalism,[...]
My minimalist apartment: Tips to minimise the living room space
Hey guys, I wanted to share with you a few snaps of my apartment and some tips on creating a more[...]
Spend like a minimalist: 3 tips to practise intentional purchasing
Each person’s idea of minimalism is a little different. To me, minimalism doesn’t mean never, ever spending money on non practical[...]
The great phone upgrade; mindless consuming at it’s shiniest
I recently saw an advert that struck me as a statement about the ridiculous consuming for the sake of consuming to[...]
What to do when you’re a minimalist who loves op shopping
My op shopping frenzies. They were the best of times (for discovering all my treasures and bargains) They were the[...]
3 ways minimalism has simplified my life
Never overlook the power of simplicity - Robin S Sharma Simplify, simplify, simplify! I have applied the minimalist approach of less[...]
A super simple tip to stop you spending
I’ve got 2 words for you peoples. Unsubscribe and unfollow. If you are struggling to gain control of your spending[...]
Minimalism. 3 things I stopped purchasing
My shopping habits have radically changed on my journey to living a more minimalist lifestyle. I transformed my spending habits to[...]
Minimalism doesn’t always make life easier
I have navigated the peculiar sea that is anxiety for a fair chunk of my life. Most of the time[...]
3 things you can borrow instead of own
Do we really need to own All. The. Things. All. The. Time? Do our homes and garages really need to be stuffed[...]
My #1 minimalist beauty product
Thought I’d share my #1 minimalist beauty product with you guys.... coconut oil!It’s my favourite because one jar of the stuff[...]
I’m not a #minimalist because it’s #trending
Lately I've seen articles and online chat around minimalism as trend, as in *trendy* trend. The new kid on the alternative[...]
Without all my stuff, who am I?
"Who are you?" said the Caterpillar. "I, I hardly know, sir, just at present. At least I know who I[...]
Declutter your car
I've escaped the grip of dreaded car clutter by default, not actually owning a car and all! But for those[...]
This quick tip could change your morning headspace
What home page is your internet browser set to? I don’t know who else’s morning looks like mine, but maybe[...]
Who’s going to deal with your stuff when you die?
So here’s a spoiler alert: When we die, we’re not taking anything with us. It’s rough, I know. All that[...]
More stuff does not equal more security
When I was a little girl, I had a security blanket. The blanket was called Noonie..... *ahem*...don't all blankets have[...]
5 steps to minimise excess in your pantry
Whether you're on a whole home minimising mission (yay!) or simply focusing on the kitchen area (also yay!) there’s nothing[...]
Why a minimalist mindset will help you smash debt and change your life
Finding myself in almost $15,000 of unsecured credit card and personal loan debt in 2012 was actually the start of[...]
3 great resources for minimalist mums
If you are a mum looking to be inspired to simplify life and minimise excess, check out these super awesome[...]
Thinking of going car-less? Read this first
I don’t own a car and haven’t for the past 13 years. Not owning a car has nothing to do[...]
3 ways clearing excess from your home improves your day
Less cleaning 'YAY! I can’t WAIT to spend hours cleaning my house on Saturday!'  Said no-one ever. While keeping a[...]
3 resources to help you get debt free!
My favourite 3 websites for getting debt free! These inspiring and instructional resources helped me pay off almost $15,000 of[...]
KonMari – Removing unnecessary items can highlight pursuits which truly bring you joy
Over 4 weeks, I will be posting on the key points of the KonMari method, the Japanese art of decluttering,[...]
Why to start?
This last week I’ve received quite a few emails echoing a similar clutter cry for help; I’m really overwhelmed with[...]
KonMari – Spark joy, declutter by category and floor sorting
Over 4 weeks, I will be posting on the key points of the KonMari method, the Japanese art of decluttering, for deeply[...]
Minimalist wardrobe challenge
I’m pretty excited. And a little nervous. This week I have started the minimalist wardrobe challenge, Project 333! Basically, this[...]
Quick 4 step bathroom minimising challenge
Looking for a quick way to clear some of your bathroom clutter? I've got a little challenge for you.....  
Tips on digitalising your mountain of paperwork
In my former life I was a well organised hoarder of paperwork. I had a decade of paperwork all filed[...]
KonMari Method™ Explained
The KonMari Method™ gained a mahoosive amount of world wide attention when Japanese organising consultant and author, Marie Kondo released best[...]
Super easy 5 day minimising challenge
If you want to ease into decluttering your living space, why not try this super easy 5 day challenge to[...]
How to clean up your social media environment
Is your daily social media experience totally cluttered? Checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, email …but this is all just part[...]
A Year Without Shopping
Meet Olivia, she’s  87 days into her Year Without Shopping challenge. She took on the challenge to seriously embrace minimalism,[...]
I stopped buying into product marketing bullshit and here’s what happened
I accepted my hair I have been locked in a lifelong battle with my hair. I have the type of[...]
How to declutter a sentimental bookshelf
I’ve never struggled with the book clutter thing. I love reading, I love the feel of ‘real’ books, but I’ve[...]
3 Souvenir Ideas For The Minimalist Traveller
Looking for ways to keep the memory of a great travelling experience alive, without hitting up every souvenir store in sight?[...]
How to get past ‘What if I need it later!?’ when decluttering
What if I need it later!? is holding you back from a clutter free living space. Have you ever unpacked a[...]
A move to minimalist. How to rid yourself of excess when moving home
Moving home is an amazing opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the process of becoming minimalist. If you have been[...]
New to minimalism? Check out these inspiring resources
Prior to embracing a minimalist lifestyle, I had no idea how many people were consciously living a life with less[...]
Stop organising chaotic clutter
“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” William Morris I used to spend hours organising. I[...]
How to create a Minimalist Makeup Capsule
Have you got more lipsticks than you can poke a mascara wand at? Is you makeup bag filled with underused[...]
How I let go of sentimental items
I called this post How I Let Go Of Sentimental Items not How To Let Go Of Sentimental Items because[...]
6 ways minimalism changed my life
Since consciously adopting the minimalist lifestyle, a radical shift has occurred in my habits and way of thinking. Here are[...]


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