Overwhelmed by a house full of stuff?

Where to start when you don’t know where to start.

You want to embark on a minimising mission. You really, really do.

But there’s just so.much.stuff. You don’t know where to start.

It’s easier to push everything back in the room, close the door, hands over ears singing *la la la* and imagine unicorns.

Maybe the unicorns will come and help you declutter?

Instead of waiting on unicorn help…it could be awhile….let me suggest a starting point for you.

When I work with clients in their homes, we focus on one room together. We roll up our sleeves and get through as much as we can during a super session of minimising.

At the end of the session, we see progress. Progress leads to momentum, momentum leads to more progress and the cycle perpetuates.

The key is to get an easy (or easy-ish…) win at the start of your decluttering mission so you begin to see progress quickly.

Kicking off a minimising mission by tackling sentimental items, paperwork or any of the more complex decluttering categories can be a recipe for disaster. You hit too many roadblocks at the start, become confused about what to keep, your mission grinds to a halt and your enthusiasm disappears quicker than that unicorn who said he'd help out. 

During my in home sessions, I tackle difficult spaces with my clients, but if you are starting your minimising mission alone, here’s where I suggest you begin:

The bathroom

The bathroom is a great place to start because you have some quick, no brainer decluttering wins here already. The bathroom size is also in your minimising favour because it is generally smaller than other rooms in the house.

The almost empty army

Many cluttered bathrooms have almost empty bottles / lotions etc which can literally just go straight into the recycling once rinsed out.

Expired stuff

Then get onto any expired makeup and medications. Again, old makeup goes straight to the bin and medications should be recycled responsibly. Check out tips here.

This stuff usually has little or no sentimental attachment and it’s expired so it should be pretty simple to let go. Win!


The piles of magazines or papers sitting around the bathroom floor for reading purposes while you, um, go…need to go.

Excess packaging

Packaging takes up valuable real estate space, especially in small bathrooms. Remove any excess packaging and bin / recycle.


Bathroom or candle museum? Some bathrooms have WAY too many candles. Sure, it’s lovely to have some ambience when you're taking a bath, but do you need ten? Choose a beautiful one you actually use and part with the dusty, faded ones that have been hanging bath side for too long.

As a general rule, limit anything on display in the bathroom that doesn’t actually serve a purpose. Add character to your bathroom with an artwork and coordinate the practical items such as towels and soap dispensers.

Easy categories

The other great thing about the bathroom is most items in it are pretty easy to categorise and find a place for. I don’t like to get caught up over organising and working out intricate storage methods, it’s a waste of time. Organise quickly and simply. Once you’ve cleared your bathroom of excess, it should be a cakewalk to put away remaining items in a way that makes sense. Keep counters clear, store as much out of sight as possible.

So there you have it my decluttering compadres. The bathroom is the place to start. Some easy wins to build momentum and see a difference quickly. Be sure to tackle the next space soon after and keep riding that minimising high 😉


I'm Elesha! I'm minimalist lifestyle coach, decluttering ninja and expert coffee drinker. I'm here to help you rise up from the clutter. I help overwhelmed women get out from under the clutter by applying minimalist living principles to their homes and lives!