Minimalist Bootcamp 30 Day Program #getdecluttered

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Hey there!

Elesha from Minimise to Maximise here :)

Are feeling overwhelmed by clutter my frazzled friend? You’re gonna LOVE this prize!

A place in my  Minimalist Bootcamp 30 day program. Oh yeh!

30 days of simple actions to jumpstart your journey to a clutter free home and schedule. 

Minimalist Bootcamp student Kayla won her place in the program and here’s what she shares:

I entered the competition to win a place in Minimalist Bootcamp and low and behold the universe decided it was the right door for me. I’m so happy about that, I think as much as I was doing okay on my own, Minimalist Bootcamp really helped me strive to a higher potential, and over the last 3I days I’ve achieved and accomplished so much more than what was possible on my own.

I want you to win the war on clutter too, get your entry in and let’s do this!

Elesha :)

Minimalist Bootcamp

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