50 mini decluttering jobs

Get your decluttering party started with one of these mini jobs!

No excuses not to begin with this list, it's straight from my Conquering Your Clutter - 4 Week Mini Planner.

Time to get cracking people!

Mini decluttering jobs

Here we go....

1. Get rid of socks with no matches 

 2. Candles with little or no wax - burn or get rid of them 

 3. Dried up pens with no ink 

 4. Dispose of dead batteries (recycle in an environmentally responsible way) 

 5. Old spices - review your spice rack, toss any old or expired spices 

 6. Broken stuff - lamps, fans, hairdryer, kitchen utensils, kids toys 

 7. Make your bed

 8. Toss old newspapers and magazines in the recycling bin 

 9. Review 5 pieces of paper / documents and file or toss 

 10. Remove any junk from under the kitchen sink 

 11. Sort through any items on top of your fridge 

 12. Remove a couple of junky trinkets for donation 

 13. Designate a space / folder for children's artwork 

 14. Toss old glass jars into the recycling bin 

 15. Remove old, worn tea towels 

 16. Spend a couple of minutes each day decluttering your purse / wallet 

 17. Photo gallery on your phone / tablet 

 18. Notes in your phone you no longer need 

 19. Delete old emails 

 20. Sort mail pile 

 21. Donate any hotel toiletries (shampoo etc) to a local initiative / centre helping those in need 

 22. Old recipes taken from magazines that you never actually use 

 23. Socks / underwear with holes or totally worn out

 24. Trunk of your car 

 25. Old pet toys / broken leads or collars

 26. Donate a piece of artwork you no longer enjoy or you purchased just to 'fill up space’ 

 27. Review chargers / cables for electronic devices 

 28. Toss or donate crafting supplies you no longer use 

 29. Remove 3 items from garage clutter for donation or rubbish 

 30. Draw of the table in the entry way / hallway 

 31. Sort through the pile of shoes (you know, that stash at the front door) 

 32. Take a few good photos of an item you want to post for sale online (gumtree, eBay etc) 

 33. Post the item online (ok, this might take more than 5 minutes but at least open an account or write a description) 

 34. Choose a recipe book you only use a few recipes from. Photograph the recipes in an electronic filing system like Evernote and donate the book. 

 35. Kids clothes: select a few your kids have grown out of and donate or pass on to a friend 

 36. Remove 3 items from the laundry that don't actually belong and return them to the correct place The laundry always seems to attract bits and pieces from all over the house!

37. Opt in to have a regular bill sent electronically - cut paper clutter! 

38. First aid kit - remove expired medicines or stuff that doesn't belong there 

39. Delete unwanted documents from a file in your dropbox account 

40. Clean up your laptop's desktop 

41. While the kids are in the bath, take the time to declutter the bathroom 

42. Clean up old playlists on Spotify or music account 

43. Spare buttons you've kept 'just in case' but haven't actually used 

44. Remove half finished craft projects that let's face it, you won't ever finish 

45. Hardcopy instruction manuals for gadgets - if you can find the instructions online

46. Old gym gear 

47. Notes from courses or study you no longer need and probably haven't looked at since you finished the course! 

48. Broken pegs 

49. Toys no longer played with 

50. Spend 10 minutes writing out your decluttering plan for the coming week!

Let me know which job you're going to get started with!

Elesha 🙂 


I'm Elesha! I'm minimalist lifestyle coach, decluttering ninja and expert coffee drinker. I'm here to help you rise up from the clutter. I help overwhelmed women get out from under the clutter by applying minimalist living principles to their homes and lives!

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