3 natural, minimalist skincare recipes using stuff from your kitchen

Natural skincare is a winner. You cut the chemicals and slash the cost of your skincare budget. Making your own natural products is a lot simpler than you think! Here are 3 of my favourite, super simple natural skincare recipes. Warning: Happy and healthy skin ahead!

When I embarked on my minimising mission back in 2014, one of the more crowded areas in my home was the bathroom cabinet. Back then, I was obsessed with skincare and makeup. I literally could not take a trip to Priceline without walking out with $100 worth of goodies.

During the process of minimising and decluttering, I became really interested in natural products. I wanted to declutter the chemicals from my skincare routine and whittle down the number of products I 'needed' my bathroom. My fascination with all natural skincare was born!

Going natural where possible had the bonus effect of saving money. I was no longer shelling out $50.00 for a face cream. Instead I was dipping in to my $7 jar of organic coconut oil...for everything!

Here are 3 really simple skincare ideas that are natural, cheap and you’ve probably got most of the stuff in your kitchen already!

CocoSugar Face Scrub

Coconut oil, how I love thee, let me count the ways. This is a super simple scrub with 2 ingredients, yep you guessed it: coconut oil and sugar. Coconut oil is packed with antioxidants that the fight free-radicals that play a big role in our skin ageing. Coconut oil is also an amazing cleaner, it’s polishes away makeup and gets deep into the pores, sucking out dirt.  If you’re allergic to coconut oil, you can swap it out for grapeseed or almond oil.

You’ll need:

¼ cup of granulated sugar (organic is best)

½ cup of organic coconut oil

Mixing bowl

Glass jar for storing

Make the CocoSugar scrub

Mix the sugar and coconut oil together well and viola, your deliciously coconutey face scrub is ready! Don’t heat the oil as this will melt the sugar granules; it’s the granules that do the exfoliating 🙂

Using the CocoSugar scrub

Massage in circular motions on your face for 30 seconds, rinse and pat dry. Your skin will absorb the oil and your face will feel sooooo amazingly smooth!

Storing the CocoSugar scub

Store in an airtight glass jar in a cool spot. The scrub will last for a month when stored correctly.

Classic Avocado Face Mask

A big bowl of nachos topped with a ridiculous amount of fresh guacamole is probably one of my very favourite Friday night pub meals. YUM.

But avocado is talented, multi tasking little thing. It’s great on nachos and it’s also great for your face.

Avocado is packed with vitamin A and E, vitamins that have antioxidant properties to help repair dry and damaged skin. You can harness the skin saving goodness of the humble avocado with this Classic Avocado Face Mask.

You’ll need:

½ a ripe avocado

2 tbs hot water

1 tsp honey

Mixing bowl

Make the Classic Avocado Face Mask

Dissolve the honey in hot water. Mash the avocado with a fork then mix in the honey.

Using the Classic Avocado Face mask

Spread the mixture on your face using your fingers or a brush. Leave the mask on for 10 minutes and then wash off with warm water. The mask won’t keep so use it all up in one hit!

Homemade Oatmeal Milk Cleanser

Thought oats were just a great winter breakky? Think again.  I’ve been using oatmeal cleanser periodically over the past few years and I LOVE the way it makes my skin feel afterwards. Oats do some pretty remarkable stuff for our face. Skin healing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and itch relieving, oats are particularly good for sensitive skin, especially if you’re prone to eczema and inflammation. That’s me!

You’ll need:

½ cup milk

1 tsp honey

1 tsp steel cut oats


Make the Oatmeal Milk Cleanser:

Combine all ingredients together in the bowl and mix well.

Using the Oatmeal Milk Cleanser:

Dampen your neck and face, dip a clean cotton ball into the oatmeal milk and smooth onto your face in upward, circular motions. Rise your face with warm water.

Important note: Even though this stuff is natural, make sure you do a patch test first, not on your face, to see how your skin reacts.

True story: once I tried an egg mask (without patch testing) and although my skin was tingly and tightening (uncomfortably!) I was all like 'Oh its fiiiiiiine, it’s naturaaaaaaal, what harm can it do?!'

 A lot apparently.  I washed it off and my face was covered in red bumps. For 3 days. No more egg mask for me. 

Elesha 🙂 

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