3 great resources for minimalist mums

If you are a mum looking to be inspired to simplify life and minimise excess, check out these super awesome sites of other mums, doing exactly that!

The Purposeful Housewife

Allie Casazza is super passionate about sharing her experience in simplifying her family’s life with others looking to do the same. Practical and relatable, Allie doesn’t shy away from sharing the highs as well as the lows, she’s certainly one mumma who knows how to simplify and minimise!


The Minimalist Mom

A rich life with less stuff. That’s what The Minimalist Mom, Rachel Jonat is all about. Taking a shift towards minimalism in 2010, Rachel and her husband’s journey to a more minimal (but richer!) life is an inspiring one, particularly for those with families. Rachel has written several books on taking a simplified approach to family life, including The Minimalist Mom – How To Simply Parent Your Baby.


Nourishing Minimalism

Writer behind Nourishing Minimalism, Rachel Jones, is a mother of 6 and began treading a more minimalist path in 2008. The site has a ton of practical resources for challenges like decluttering children’s rooms and Rachel is also an advocate for real, simple food. Her kitchen tour post gives a real life example of a functional, minimalist kitchen.


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I'm Elesha! I'm minimalist lifestyle coach, decluttering ninja and expert coffee drinker. I'm here to help you rise up from the clutter. I help overwhelmed women get out from under the clutter by applying minimalist living principles to their homes and lives!