2017 Exploring Minimalism Guide

New to minimalism? Grab your copy of Exploring Minimalism, the 2017 guide to some of the best online resources for the minimalist and simple living lifestyle movements. Join the tribe. Get inspired to live and love life with less stuff!

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Elesha Piper
Minimalist lifestyle blogger and coffee addict

Hey there! I'm Elesha, I'm a minimalist.

Living a minimalist lifestyle has not only helped me purge excess possessions from my home but also super charge positive change in my life.It's become my mission to spread the word about the massive benefits of living with less stuff! I write about minimalism here on my blog minimise to maximise from my hometown Melbourne, Australia. I'm also unashamedly addicted to coffee...that's one thing I'll never minimise. If you would like to connect with me check out my Facebook page or drop me an email at elesha@minimisetomaximise.com