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Hey there! 

I'm Elesha Piper. I'm minimalist lifestyle coach, decluttering ninja and expert coffee drinker.


I've experienced my own clutter free revolution by embracing minimalism. I've decluttered my home, my life and paid off  almost 15k of credit card debt by no longer buying stuff I don't need.

I've turned my whole life around by owning less stuff. 

I now help other overwhelmed women get out from under the clutter by applying minimalist living principles to their homes and lives!

Deeply decluttering your home opens up incredible benefits, ultimately creating a more stress-free, simplified life for you and your family. It's so great to have you here!


Minimalist Mornings

My free mini course to discover the transformational power of a rock solid morning routine.

How to start decluttering

So what's Minimise To Maximise all about?

Here at Minimise To Maximise I'm helping overwhelmed women with the first step of their journey to living more simply: decluttering stuff! I do this by hosting fun, virtual decluttering challenges. Who said decluttering was boring!? 

Really want to dive into decluttering + minimalist living? Head over to the Minimise To Maximise school and check out my course Minimalist Bootcamp and my Decluttering Masterclasses.

I can help you my cluttered friend, here's how:

Take my 5 day decluttering challenge

Want to start with baby steps? This challenge is for you my friend. You'll purge 50 things in 5 days and get the ball rolling on your mission to declutter your home. PS - It's free!

Minimalist Bootcamp 

Minimalist Bootcamp is my 30 day program to jumpstart your decluttering mission. Want a sneak peek?  Watch my video lesson on Sentimental Items here.

Join my decluttering support group

My free Facebook group with a simple, weekly decluttering challenge and follow up! You're not alone in your mission to clutter freedom! 


Read the blog

All things minimalism and decluttering, the blog is where I write my little heart out on what I am so passionate about - living and loving life with less stuff! 

EvaMinimalist Bootcamp Student

Elesha knows what she's talking about and has so many tips that will help you walk through this decluttering journey. Plus, the community on FB has been so wonderful to keep us all inspired and hands at work in our missions. I'm so grateful I took this course, and hope many more people join this revolution! 

Want to hear more about my journey to minimalism?

Check out my interview with Catherine Robson on the The Constant Investor Podcast

People say the nicest things...

Here's what my amazing students and clients have to say about my work

I'm so incredibly happy and proud to have been a part of Minimalist Bootcamp, although I came across it by chance - Facebooking and 'declutter' pinning my little heart out.

I entered the competition to win a place in Minimalist Bootcamp and low and behold the universe decided it was the right door for me. Im so happy about that, I think as much as I was doing okay on my own, your bootcamp and the Facebook group really helped me strive to a higher potential, and over the last 30 days Ive achieved and accomplished so much more than what was possible on my own. Not to mention its given me a much clearer picture of what minimalism is on a whole, and has helped define what it means to me on a personal level.

I enjoyed the group and seeing others attack their own clutter, it's a massive boost of encouragement to do it as a team, to applaud others, and to be commended on your own efforts.

Kayla, Minimalist Bootcamp Student

Elesha is a powerhouse on a mission to serve and support you to declutter, wrapped up in a smile. I still can't believe how much we got through in 1 morning. Cleansing your clutter is a spring clean for the soul, I wish I'd jumped on earlier.   

Natasha, Clutter Coaching client 

I thought this class was great! My friend asked me to do it and I was very hesitant. But I joined anyways. At the very beginning I thought I'd do bare minimum decluttering because my life was in chaos. But this group was so supportive and had secretly pushed me beyond what I thought I could do. I already was reading on minimalism but wasn't sure I was ready. But I now know that I am ready and I can do this. I have continued support.

I truly hope you take this class and kick butt at it, I seriously think this has changed my life. 

Cody, Minimalist Bootcamp Student 

You were direct and practical in your decluttering coaching. The timetable for the day really helped me stay on track. It was such an exhilarating and empowering day for me, your energy was contagious, even until the end. You were just awesome Elesha.   

Veronica, Clutter Coaching Client 

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